What mistakes can prevent a paper writer from getting high marks?

1.Wrong choice of topic.

2.Old literature

3.Not enough links


5.Incorrect source selection.

At the time of writing, there may be problems of shortage and excess. In the first case, we are dealing with a shortage of material for research, incomplete presentation, lack of sources. In the second case, we are talking about an excess of material, overload of work with unnecessary information, which does not benefit the author.

Thus, all errors are reduced to two positions:

-Writing “wrong”

-Writing “wrong way”

  1. The theme of your future work is what you have to breathe the next few months, something that should certainly become the theme of your interests. Choosing a topic, students often are not guided by anything, paying attention only to attractive names. First of all, you must first determine what is interesting to you. Choosing an incomprehensible or uninteresting topic, you run the risk of losing interest in the work as a whole. The second step is the preliminary collection of literature. Students often do not take into account whether there is sufficient material on this topic, on the basis of which it is necessary to write a paper
  2. You, as a diligent student, armed with energy, perseverance, and cookies and went to the library to plow the shelves with books. Multivolume editions of respected doctors of sciences, Soviet periodicals – you are almost sure that your work will be impeccable. However, it is not. Many topics require an analysis of the latest, including foreign, literature, fresh statistics that are not so easy to find.
  3. Diploma work cannot serve as an anthology on the stated topic, as well as copying other people’s thoughts. Of course, the data you use in your work is not invented by you, so it’s always necessary to place links.
  4. The presence of links in the text does not, however, make your work perfect, because, in addition, it must be unique. On the Internet, there are many programs that allow you to check the percentage of the uniqueness of your work. The work, consisting entirely of other people’s thoughts, will not be appreciated.

Of course, writing a diploma is not so easy, but perhaps most importantly – set a goal and try no to allow these mistakes.