How to write a good and successful essay?

Of course, you’ve  probably already heard and read many tips on successful writing – about structure, theses, themes, and so on.

However, most articles on this subject are very generalized, which does not really helps  students when writing an essay.

Almost no one emphasizes something leading, on what the pace of work and its successsets.

So, in this article we will talk about one of these important elements.

Precisely, we will talk about the introduction.

The basic structure of the essay is considered to contain  five elements – the introduction, the main part, consisting of three paragraphs, and conclusions.

In such  system, the role of the intro  is usually very diminished – all attention is directed towards the main part.

However, the introduction itself is that  factor that determines the interest of the audience in your work, so it’s important to know how to write it.

The main goal of the introduction is to present your subject to the audience, to open up the problem and engage the audience. However, it’s not enough  to tell about your topic.

You have to start with a kind of “hook” that not only tells the topic of your report, but intrigues your listeners.

This can be done due to  the help of a relevant quotation or shocking statistics (for example: 9 out of 10 scientists  are convinced that the proved theories are false … and so on.)

Only after you “caught” the attention of the audience with such methods, you can begin to talk about the subject of your essay.

After general information, you should briefly tell what you will talk about in the next few minutes. This will give listeners  the opportunity to paint a picture of the future topic.

Always try to  pay enough attention to your introduction part of the essay! As it  is the first part of your essay ,it is your only chance to “catch” your audience’s interest. This part, if it is written really good, will givethe readers not only  an idea of what you will talk about , but also will show your attitude and delight. You should put a disproportionate amount of effort into this – pay attention to this, give it more than  20% of attention from all work. It will not remain unnoticed and invaluable – you will definitely receive a reward in the form of enthusiastic listeners and a great feedback.

So, now you know  the right approach to the design of the introduction of your essay. Hope, it will be helpful for essay writer and your writings!