How to Write a Good Introduction in Essay

How to write a good and successful essay?

Of course, you’ve  probably already heard and read many tips on successful writing – about structure, theses, themes, and so on.

However, most articles on this subject are very generalized, which does not really helps  students when writing an essay.

Almost no one emphasizes something leading, on what the pace of work and its successsets.

So, in this article we will talk about one of these important elements.

Precisely, we will talk about the introduction.

The basic structure of the essay is considered to contain  five elements – the introduction, the main part, consisting of three paragraphs, and conclusions.

In such  system, the role of the intro  is usually very diminished – all attention is directed towards the main part.

However, the introduction itself is that  factor that determines the interest of the audience in your work, so it’s important to know how to write it.

The main goal of the introduction is to present your subject to the audience, to open up the problem and engage the audience. However, it’s not enough  to tell about your topic.

You have to start with a kind of “hook” that not only tells the topic of your report, but intrigues your listeners.

This can be done due to  the help of a relevant quotation or shocking statistics (for example: 9 out of 10 scientists  are convinced that the proved theories are false … and so on.)

Only after you “caught” the attention of the audience with such methods, you can begin to talk about the subject of your essay.

After general information, you should briefly tell what you will talk about in the next few minutes. This will give listeners  the opportunity to paint a picture of the future topic.

Always try to  pay enough attention to your introduction part of the essay! As it  is the first part of your essay ,it is your only chance to “catch” your audience’s interest. This part, if it is written really good, will givethe readers not only  an idea of what you will talk about , but also will show your attitude and delight. You should put a disproportionate amount of effort into this – pay attention to this, give it more than  20% of attention from all work. It will not remain unnoticed and invaluable – you will definitely receive a reward in the form of enthusiastic listeners and a great feedback.

So, now you know  the right approach to the design of the introduction of your essay. Hope, it will be helpful for paper writer and your writings!

Writing a review

Before writing a review, read the text being analyzed. Highlight in it the main thing, pay attention to the development of the plot, the character system, their connection, the author’s style, the paper writer ‘s position, the expression of the main idea. Observe all observations in the draft by the points, theses.

Analyzing a work of art, it’s necessary to separately write out the means of expressiveness, to note their role in the text, the semantic load, the nature of use, the significance for the disclosure of the idea.

Try to find some discrepancies, an insufficiently written out image of the hero, a style discrepancy, perhaps the storyline is not clearly or not so logical, the scene is outlined.

Speaking of drawbacks, remember that the review should be correct. All the wording in a good analysis is academic, delicate. They should be preceded by the following words: “in my opinion,” “in our opinion,” “is in doubt”.

Write about the relevance of the work. If you can’t connect it with modernity, you can confine yourself to conclusions about the role in the work of the writer, the literary direction.

Each position of your review should be clearly argued. Give examples, facts, quotes, establish links and build logical chains.

In the review you can use the method of comparison, drawing a parallel with another work. Of course, for this it is necessary to have a certain horizon, to give an appropriate comparison, which really will help to look at the text in a new, more objective way to evaluate it. The analysis should look natural. However, if you can correctly apply this technique, this will be an additional advantage of your work. Now such comparisons are practiced:

the text is compared with another work of the same author;

a parallel is made between two works of different authors working in one genre or at one time;

Compare works written on one theme;

a reference is made to a work with a similar idea;

the work of literature is compared with works of music, screen versions, theatrical productions.

Comparison should not be conducted throughout the entire review, but a successful parallel to enrich your analysis, you will be able to make original, unexpected conclusions, to argue for a personal point of view.

Coursework writing help

It is worth starting a coursework  with a search for material for it.

Materials taken from the Internet, too, must be indicated in the list of literature. But here it is not enough just to specify the address of the site, you need to specify the full address on which you can find this or that material.

Avoid “downloading” of finished coursework. As experience shows, the Internet and the CDs do not include masterpieces, and you will not do a good job on their basis. Many of these materials become familiar to teachers and to establish their origin is not a problem. So take some time and try to write something yourself.

Begin with the fact that when collecting materials, rewrite verbatim only the most important statements of well-known scientists, which you then include in your work as citations. All the rest should be outlined in your own words, while noting where you wrote down verbatim, and where – paraphrased. This will allow you to avoid errors when quoting.

If you have collected the necessary material, then you can start writing the text of the course work. It’s about writing, not about mindless copying with all the known means of modern technology or simply by mechanical rewriting. You will never learn to express your thoughts unless you try to do it completely independently.

Do not link mechanically “pieces” from different sources: their authors can use different terminology and different approaches. Not to mention the possibility of bringing to the scientific supervisor several exactly identical texts.

When writing a text it is very important to determine for yourself, for whom it is intended. This will allow you to choose the right style of presentation and avoid unnecessary clarifications and formulations. By definition, the course work is not read in detail by anyone other than the supervisor, but graduate and master’s work is given to read completely to the outside reviewer.

It is necessary to explain all the terms that are the key concepts of your research. Coursework is not considered scientific, but this does not mean that you should ignore the generally accepted rules of scientific ethics.

Writing Help

What mistakes can prevent a paper writer from getting high marks?

1.Wrong choice of topic.

2.Old literature

3.Not enough links


5.Incorrect source selection.

At the time of writing, there may be problems of shortage and excess. In the first case, we are dealing with a shortage of material for research, incomplete presentation, lack of sources. In the second case, we are talking about an excess of material, overload of work with unnecessary information, which does not benefit the author.

Thus, all errors are reduced to two positions:

-Writing “wrong”

-Writing “wrong way”

  1. The theme of your future work is what you have to breathe the next few months, something that should certainly become the theme of your interests. Choosing a topic, students often are not guided by anything, paying attention only to attractive names. First of all, you must first determine what is interesting to you. Choosing an incomprehensible or uninteresting topic, you run the risk of losing interest in the work as a whole. The second step is the preliminary collection of literature. Students often do not take into account whether there is sufficient material on this topic, on the basis of which it is necessary to write a paper
  2. You, as a diligent student, armed with energy, perseverance, and cookies and went to the library to plow the shelves with books. Multivolume editions of respected doctors of sciences, Soviet periodicals – you are almost sure that your work will be impeccable. However, it is not. Many topics require an analysis of the latest, including foreign, literature, fresh statistics that are not so easy to find.
  3. Diploma work cannot serve as an anthology on the stated topic, as well as copying other people’s thoughts. Of course, the data you use in your work is not invented by you, so it’s always necessary to place links.
  4. The presence of links in the text does not, however, make your work perfect, because, in addition, it must be unique. On the Internet, there are many programs that allow you to check the percentage of the uniqueness of your work. The work, consisting entirely of other people’s thoughts, will not be appreciated.

Of course, writing a diploma is not so easy, but perhaps most importantly – set a goal and try no to allow these mistakes.

Reflective essay writing.

Do you need to write an essay? There is nothing easier! This is the simplest student work. Writing an essay is not limited in time. You can rewrite it many times. From the formal rules of writing an essay, you can only name one thing – the presence of a title. When writing essays, all students face the same difficulties. Hence the mistakes made during the preparation of abstracts are also very similar. Do you want to avoid stupid mistakes in preparing the essay? We made the top 5 most common mistakes.

Often students choose the wrong topic of work. And all the work depends on it. The mistake is to choose a topic that:

  • Uninteresting. Much more willingly and faster you will work on the research that you are genuinely interested in.
  • Complex. If you absolutely do not target the chosen topic, you risk spending a huge amount of time and effort. And in the end get a bad evaluation for this.
  • Lost relevance. Do not choose too beaten a topic. This will affect the scientific value of research and the uniqueness of the work.
  • It’s no use to you. This is not a gross mistake, but the benefits of such work are few. Bonus for you will be an abstract, the materials of which you can use when writing a course or diploma project.

Do not delay the preparation of the abstract until the last moment. Preparation of work on the last night has a very negative impact on its quality, and therefore on the evaluation. It is better to start in advance and allocate time for each stage of writing.

Copying a free essay from the Internet will also have negative consequences.

You run the risk of encountering the following difficulties:

  • Low uniqueness – the abstract will not pass the plagiarism test;
  • Low quality – it’s not a fact that the free abstracts use reliable and relevant sources of information;
  • High availability – it can also be easily found by other students or teachers. And this is a very high risk of failure.

A common mistake is the rewriting of textbooks. Such an abstract will also be non-unique. The information from the textbooks should be written in your own words and you must use several sources.

You can choose the best topic, take the most recent textbooks, present the material as wisely and interestingly, but if you do not pay enough attention to the design of the essay, then all your efforts are doomed to failure. The design is what the teachers are picking on. Therefore, carefully read the guidelines and edit the text.

Preparation of the abstract is a complicated and responsible matter. But we are confident – You will succeed! Good luck!